I spent the entire day without internet, and I'm okay-ish!

Actually, I think I have the jitters because I don't know if I can catch up on ALL THE THINGS that I missed and will probably miss for most of tomorrow. (I'm stealing someone's internet right now. Shhh. I can only pick it up if I'm contorted into a pretzel in the corner of my bedroom. My cat thinks this is the best thing ever.)


Dear Internet Company,

You suck. You were sending the bills for the internet and claiming they were for my phone, so you shut the phone off. When I got the phone back on and got 1 of the 5468 drones to admit it was y'all's fault, you stopped sending the bill for the internet and sent the phone bill. I mean, thanks for the phone bill.. I did need that, too, BUT I WANT MY INTERNETS NAOW. You have shitty office hours, so I won't get to talk to you until Thursday. You suck.

Sincerely, Fidgety.


It's comforting to know that Groupthink didn't go anywhere. So.. um.. until this is sorted out.. I will misses y'alls, yo.


OH! And Medusa, I picked up the carbolic and creamy clay soapworks bars today. I'm excited and intensely petrified of a potential letdown, so fingers and tossed crossed.