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Yous Guys*

I just want to say that I'm so happy to have SOME link to a fairly like minded community where I am accepted.I've found the social communities I run with IRL to be a bit limited lately. Thank you all for being receptive and helpful during the ups, downs, and turns in my life so far.Thank you for embracing weirdness and flaws instead of ignoring them.Thank you for being of all ages and social circles so that there is a reflection of my experience and other's experiences. Thank you for being liberals generally across the board, and for not allowing people to use language that hurts others.Thanks to all the crafters for sharing the pieces of beauty that they made from their own hands.Thanks for all the single ladies for bravely navigating the dating pool. Thanks for all the partnered ladies for giving me hope. Thanks to the men for being cool enough not to get defensive when they are addressed as ladies.Thanks to everyone who'se shared pictures of thier pets, thier new hairstyle, and even thier lunch.Thanks for every one of you lovely, clever, people. I think of you all as my friends in some way.

*I just marked myself as a Jersey Girl, haven't I?


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