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Youse guise....

Holy shit. I paid off my mortgage today.

20 years. I bought and paid for this dump~palace all by myself. Fixed it up over many years. I thought the note was due in December.


I tried to pay my monthly nut online this morning & kept getting a kicked back payment reply. I called to see why. When he told me why... holy shit.

This bank isn’t my regular bank, but I found a branch 10 miles away. I walked up to the counter and said, “I’m here to pay off my mortgage” and promptly started crying & laughing, which I was totally unprepared for (I’m cry~laughing now just typing this.) Cheers erupted, which made me cry~laugh even harder.

I DID IT !!!! It wasn’t easy, but so worth it. I did it!

Please share with me your similar moments/milestones you never thought you’d see. I will also accept your straight up “ATTA GIRL!”s 

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