Welcome To The Bitchery

Youse Guise! I'm alive! Let's play!

I’ve missed you people, a lot.

and Jeebus tap dancing Shrist (not Christ) on a shingle, the past couple of weeks have nearly slayed me, but I live to see another day!!! Take THAT, universe! Krabby Konquers! Anyway, let’s play :) Give me your ridiculous thoughts!


1) NICKNAMES. The best is from my Father & there is a Polaroid to prove it. I was not yet 2 years old & climbed back in to my high~chair to eat an ice cream cone. I had shmootz all over my face & hands, undershirt on top & naked everywhere else. One leg hanging down & one thrown over the side~arm of the high~chair; flashing and free as a bird. He called me his “Viking Princess.” He still does :) Also, long story, I’m “The Dingle~Berry.”

2) RAW COOKIE~DOUGH IS DISGUSTING!! Bake the cookies, people! That’s right, put it in the oven where it belongs & it will turn in to something wonderful & delicious! Cookies! Why, why is there cookie~dough flavored ANYTHING?

3) FILL IN #3 WITH ANYTHING YOU WANT! I’m just happy to smash my alarm clock in the morning and tell it to “GO TO HELL” because I’ll get the fuck out of bed when I want to. This worky~times was a stone cold killer. I’m almost broken! (Mr. 4th has prepared his couch with pillows & blankets & a fucking bell!!!)

Gimme your nonsense; I’ve missed you :)

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