Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Youth isn’t fun- it’s all bad skin and saying stupid things and showing my age/ignorance. This year I will turn thirty and I am so excited for it.

Inspired by the post about the woman who has seen so much change in her lifetime. I hope I get to 100 and my husband to 110 and we die at the same time like in the Notebook.

I hope age will bring me more wisdom and more balance.

All my favorite people the ones who are fun and understand me are all women a few years and/or decades older than me.


I want all my skin to be wrinkled when I’m old, not just the places I used too much hydrocortisone cream.

I’m worried I don’t have the bone structure for happy crow’s feet.

I hope I always have a smile and that I won’t have some chronic pain ailment.

I hope to be one of those ninety year olds who does gymnastics. It will take me all of the next sixty years to become coordinated. I improved standing on one foot this year.

I hope I help more people and that I give enough to the world that I will be proud of my legacy (if I get one at all), even though I will not have my own children.

I hope soon people will stop asking me if I will have children. It’s always awkward and sad. I used to wish people would stop asking me what university I would attend and what I would do when I graduated, so I might be wishing my life away with this statement.


I hope I will always enjoy hearing new music and enjoy new shows well into my hundreds and enjoy new technology and not be afraid of it, but I refuse to Snapchat so it’s probably too late for me.

My parents and grandparents are still alive and I haven’t spent enough time with them and I regret it already but only intellectually. When I look in the mirror I see my mother and I hear her laughing from my lungs and I paint like her so it’s hard to imagine I could ever miss her, she’s me.


I imagine when I’m older I will be able to see people as they really are and not how I imagine them to be. I imagine I’ll be able to see myself more clearly and go back and read this post and laugh at myself for it but right now I’m totally serious.

I hope I get to be an artist and see my work valued in the world.

Tl;dr I want to be sixty but thirty is close enough for now.

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