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Youtube Shooting More Info

I do recall a few people I subscribe to very upset over the changes youtube was making in monetizing their videos. Further searches many folks were upset.

The shooter was angry with youtube arguing they were filtering her videos and she was not making money from them.

I do not quite understand how youtube was changing their policies. I knew it elicited a lot of anger especially, it appeared from those less then 10k subcribers.


If this is a part of the reason or whole there is no excuse on her part. Actually this excuse makes me angry. Why? People go on the internet because of choice. I wrote posts on usenet now here. I chose that, millions did and do with zero expectation of making money.

She chose to make videos. She was not an employee of youtube. She chose to use youtube to mount her videos and display them. Youtube made rules for everyone how they could make money. A few thrived from hard work and knowing how to get viewers. Many worked hard but for many reasons failed to make money.

Youtube changed the rules. It was their platform, their right. Youtube was not infringing on anyone to make videos and uploading them. I always thought it was more a reward by youtube then a way for folks to make a living.

I know it costs more to make a video and more time consuming to edit then writing posts. I get it. Yet I have to wonder if you make videos just to make money. Sorry you are going to be in a world of disappointment. People will see right through it. Blog via words or video because you want to because you want to share with the world your thoughts and ideas. Once you do this as a means to make money people will notice a difference


Still no matter what you do not kill for money. She was disappoointed by the changes. So what. There is no excuse to kill or try to kill.

I felt shame for having little pity for the youtubers then. They were not employees but users and should be grateful they got anything. Yes its a shame there were some who make millions while others who work just as hard make zero or close to it. There are people who posted on usenet and other forums who were and are barely read. It happens, nothing personal, some folks are ignored.


If you want to make money vlogging or blogging then get hired by a company that gives a salary for work done. If not then vlog and blog because you want to share. If you do upload blogs or vlogs hoping to make money, forget it, do it because you want to, do it because you want to share.. Make money well its a reward but don’t have the mentality of it being a salary. Its not, if you profit or become rich well good for you. Do it hoping to get rich it will never happen, people can tell the difference. I subscribe to a few who suddenly are doing reaction videos just to make money for what they like to vlog well those reaction videos are not fun to watch the vlogger comes across as if they are doing it for hits and not because its something they want to share or enjoy.

Yes I went far off course. What she did was inexcusable. It does though seem to relate in changes youtube made for giving money to those who create videos. A change they had a right to make.


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