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These folk work hard creating videos. Equipment is expensive, you need good speaking skills and making one video can take a while. Youtube changed how they pay video makers, it used be 10k subscribers. Now its 1k subscribers BUT what is hurting people its now 4k hours viewed. I do not see why they couldn’t do number of views but youtube makers are saying the 4k hours really hurts.

Here are three. Do you have any small youtubers you like and want to promote.

1. That Movie Chick she does a good detailed description of her reviews.


2. Lost History Channel did you know Egyptian Hieroglyhpics were found in Australia. These hieroglyphics were cut into rock formations and they are from the Old Kingdom. I learned that today.

3. Talk Nerdy To Me. She is rather new but like That Movie.Chick gives good reviews. I don’t entirely agree with her Wonder Woman review. She makes a good point WW had the strength to save Steve. Her reviews are also rather funny.


Hell a 4th that really needs subscribers and views. She does creepy pasta also her video on Dear David is excellent. She is Midnight Siren. Also she did Paranormal news once a month a summary. I hope she goes back to it.


So let’s help some small youtubers. I did not add Sniperwolf, Azzyland and Beyond The Trailer nor Jenna Marbles all whom I follow. They have millions of subscribers. They will be fine.

Let’s promote those youtubers that need to be viewed.

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