Sam Pepper is a successful YouTube prank star. His videos frequently have over one million views and he's well known in the community for being outrageous. Yesterday he posted a video where he went around to young women and grabbed their asses. Because hur hur hur, how funny is that? What, you bitches can't take a joke?

If you heard a "boom" sometime last evening, it was the internet and YouTube communities EXPLODING WITH RAGE over this so-called "prank". This "prank" involved him going up to unsuspecting women, many who look underaged, and pinching their butts. It's disgusting, it's disrespectful, it's gross and it's ASSAULT. The fact he thought it was a JOKE is even more disgusting.

The video shows him going up to five women and grabbing (rather hard from the look of it) their asses while their stand there completely unaware. One woman is so shocked she leaps aside like she's just been electrocuted. One says "Oh my god, no!" in horror. Sam grins and laughs the entire time. It's hard to watch.


While the video shows five women, a prank video often takes days to make to get the "reactions" someone wants and we can safely assume many other women had their asses grabbed and filmed by this asshole.

Sam Pepper has made no comment on social media and the video is currently still up. People are lodging complaints to YouTube to get it pulled down and are reporting it for it's gross content. I won't link the video here.

Thankfully, many of his fans have taken him to task, unsubscribing from his channel and demanding he remove the video. Many famous YouTube stars like John and Hank Green, Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig, Dan and Phil, Charlieisoscoollike, Tyler Oakley and many others have denounced his abhorrent behavior. Hank Green stated Sam will not be welcomed back to Vidcon ever again.


Of course, the usual troglodytes are out to say that the prank was so funny and women just can't take a joke. Grace Helbig, who spearheaded the push to get the video removed, has been overwhelmed by anon hate on Tumblr.

Just another fun-filled day as a woman on the internet.