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Youtuber appreciation thread 2

Awhile ago there was a post on here with people sharing their favorite Youtubers (I’m so sorry I can’t remember who posted it, please let me know if you see this), and I got some good suggestions off that. So I thought I’d make another post like that. Youtube has slowly been dominating my entertainment, despite the fact that I have HBO Go, Netflix, and Hulu. So I’ve started watching a wide array of Youtubers. Here’s the newest additions to my list so far -

Mikey Chen / Strictly Dumpling

Mike Chen travels the globe and eats food - that’s his channel. Do NOT watch if you don’t want to be hungry. What I enjoy about his channel, aside from the obvious, is that his personal tastes are just so different from mine. He LOVES fatty meat, and I can’t stand it. Yet I still watch him eat it. He’s also given me a new appreciation for spicy food. Here’s one of my favorite videos of his -

Another food-based series I enjoy is by the English Heritage channel. They made a series where an actress makes food exactly like it would have been made in the Victorian era in England. The character Mrs Crocombe is just so entertaining, and from the comments I think she’s the most popular series on this channel. If you like Downton Abbey, this is probably a good series for you.

A Pastry Chef Attempts to recreate ‘X’ junk food. This is made by Claire at Bon Appetite. So she basically tries to make an elevated version of different junk foods. It’s fun to watch someone with that level of expertise work. Also I love the chemistry between her and Brad.

Emmymadeinjapan - hers is a very interesting food tasting / recipe channel. But my favorite running series on her channel is where she gets and taste-tests doomsday prepper / army rations. The one below is what hooked me on her; she tastes-tests a Polish army ration box.

TechMeOut - So most tech reviews solely base things on specs and don’t offer a lot of opinions (mostly cause they’ll be shredded in the comments. Tech Youtube is very...mean). But TechMeOut does give her opinion on things in a way that helps you gauge if something will be right for you as an average user. And she’s not condescending in any way (many tech reviewers are...). She just gives a realistic take on how something will work FOR you. Below she reviews a series of ‘best tech’ for 2018.

Emilia Fart - this woman is a lot to take. I cannot watch her public videos at all, but her personal videos (which is most of them) are so freaking good. It took me such a long time to sub to her because I just had an idea of what she was based on her thumbnails. But she’s so much more than that. Best quote from the following video (imo) - “For years...I worked very hard...to be palatable. To be fuckable. To be wanted by dudes. Which was the currency I thought you had to have, as a woman, to have value.” Also she is hilarious -

What are your favorite youtubers, GT? Let’s share!


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