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You've probably heard about this by now

Over $350,000 has been raised for a paletero (popsicle vendor) in Chicago who is, unfortunately, still pushing his cart at the age of 89. His wife is ill and their daughter died. He makes $50 to $60 per day. He followed his wife to America from Mexico in 1993, where they had been farmers. They started over in a new country at the age most Americans expect to retire.

There are probably hundreds of paleteros, chopped fruit sellers, and tamale ladies in Chicago - I used to work on 26th street where Mr. Sanchez and many like him work. They all have families. They all struggle. They all deserve respect and dignity.

When a former coworker from that job shared the Gofundme on Facebook, I never expected it to raise more than a few hundred bucks. It looks like many of the donations are small - lots of $5, $10, $100 donations. I am so proud of everyone who chipped in, but also so ashamed that it was necessary in the first place.



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