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Just had my third in as many days incident of street harassment/inappropriateness.

Incident 1. Entering a store, a man entered closely behind me basically breathing into my hair saying, "Good morning beautiful." When I did not reply, he followed me through the store to tell me, "I said good morning beautiful to you. Why didn't you answer?"

Incident 2. Walking to my car from another errand a guy in a parked car yelled out, "Nice legs!" while nodding and smiling at me.


Incident 3. Delivery guy commented on my visible tattoo, and then asked, "Hey, do you live alone?"

I know we have discussed this to no end before in many previous posts. What has me most annoyed is the internal voice that thought I was somehow immune to this sort of idiocy. I am not thin, I am not conventionally cute, I am not young. The only good feature of my legs is that they both work. Somewhere along the line I bought in to the idea that only the young and good-looking had to deal with this, that I was "safe". Intellectually I've always known that harassment doesn't happen only to the beautiful people, but sometimes it is nice to be able to pretend.

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