I mentioned that Hasselhoff has a DVD where he starred in the musical Jekyll And Hyde. I saw it on stage and it was not bad, not memorable at all. I youtubed just now the Hasselhoff version. It is on stage but seriously he is not menacing as Hyde. He seems actually to be channeling an 1990s Meatloaf from the Meatloaf song I Will Do Anything For Love. I do love that Meatloaf cd and his first Bat of Hell album. Mealoaf would have done a better job in the musical then Hasselhoff. Here it is. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KsRjfu… Its just one song youtube for more.

If you get to see it on stage minus Hasselhoff see it. The problem I had with the musical was the lead. He was not good. The actor playing his assistant I have seen him in other musicals and he is a truly fantastic baritone. He stole the show based on his songs, not many but wow.also no memorable songs.