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Yup, sounds about right

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At what point do you think you cross that thin line between "thinking positively!" into "totally just not dealing with your feelings"? Answer: I'm not sure, but I'm have a terrible feeling I on the wrong side.


Also - is it normal for therapists you're calling to try to become a new patient with to just blow you off? Is this some sort of like test to see if you're really ready to start going? Because I've tried two, and it was difficult both times to get up the chutzpah to call, and both times they flaked on me - one scheduled an appointment and then sent me a letter cancelling it. (Not a call from the receptionist to let me know and then reschedule... a form letter). The other I called and left a message and they never called me back. That's... not cool, right? It's not like any other doctors I've ever dealt with.

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