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Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald recognized the “Wikileaks email from Sidney Blumenthal” that Trump is now harping on as an excerpt from one of his own articles, and he traced the selective quoting to an article he wrote about how dangerously politicized the Benghazi “show trial” was. Trump followed Sputnik in saying it was proof from Blumenthal’s own hands that Clinton should be locked up. . . . Doing so, of course, by repeating Blumenthal’s name enough so that it turned into another dog whistle to antisemites and conspiracy hounds

New York Magazine has taken this up and noted other bits of “information” Trump has repeated point for point.


On another note, I hate autoplay. However, thanks to Newsweek’s fucking autoplay I think I figured out one of the things that irritates me so much about Trump’s speeches. They’re logically incoherent, and his speaking drives me nuts with the way he wanders from attempted but incomplete parenthetical thought to something completely different, never finishes a thought, but just harps on the same repeated words. It’s just filler though. His crowds aren’t there for content, but for the repeated dog whistle key words to respond to. Listening to him give a speech is like listening to a group of people repeat the punch lines to jokes they already know by heart.

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