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There is this anime about a Olympic ice skater who has a same-sex romance with his idol who becomes his coach and they skate to win the gold medal together and it’s SO GOOD. 

It’s funny. It’s heartwarming. It’s got great music. It’s beautifully animated. And the final episodes have got a mind-blowing plot-twist that turns everything on its head and make you realize you watched the series wrong and now you gotta watch it again with The Reveal in mind but it’s totally okay because it’s really really good.

Go watch it. It’s only 12 episodes so even if you don’t normally watch anime you should still totally give this one a try :D


Warning: since this is a series about professional athletes who perform incredible feats, one issue in the first couple of episodes is that the protagonist (who has a habit of comfort eating) must reach a certain weight in order to compete. After he does, it’s not brought up again and the training proceeds as normal. But for those first couple of episodes, he is constantly referred to as “piggy” and his instructor is furious that he gained weight. I didn’t mind, since they are training to win the gold medal at the Grand Prix of Figure Skating, and Yuri is specifically trying to learn an extremely difficult fear (quad axel), so he must be in peak human condition. But I know that some fans found it hurtful.

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