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Zap and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

It's not even noon yet and my day is going pretty poorly.

Job A forgot to pay me last week which was really shitty as I needed to pay my phone bill. My supervisor told me to double my hours in my timesheet this week to make up for it. Because it was a larger amount they took out more taxes and I'm effectively being docked 25 dollars for their mistake. The school is closed for the rest of the week so I can't even speak to someone to attempt (and probably fail) at getting this resolved until next week.​ Job A also just informed us that we have to work 2 extra hours at the resource center for the school extended hours for the first three weeks of next month. This means that I'm working a 9 hour shift (Oh, I'm taking a fucking dinner break) and get out of work at 1 AM for three weeks and have to switch job B to Wednesdays to be able to get enough sleep. Also, public transportation doesn't run that late here so I have to pay for my own cab home and expense it. And third, I'm only allowed to work 17 hours a week because 18 hours means full time and benefits! The two extra hours means that I work two less hours in the archives - the part of my job that I actually enjoy.


I got to Job B after narrowly escaping being drenched in a flooded puddle by a stream of passing cars - still got pretty wet. The weather is gross. My boss needed me to call a certain department for a client. We've been dealing with two government offices for this client and each has this department. Going off the paperwork that he left on my desk, I called the wrong department, something I figured out in quickly and called the correct department and got the info we needed. He proceeded to scream at me about it and tell me all of the things that I've been "letting slip" for the past few weeks - all of which are things that are actually his fault. I'm turning red and he tells me to "not get defensive as it doesn't help". I wasn't. I was actually about to cry which I excused myself and did in the bathroom. I know it's bad to cry at work but I'm admittedly overly sensitive and was really caught off guard by his anger. I also fixed his stupid outlook while he was saying that he didn't think that what I was doing would work. Did I get a thank you? Of course not.

I hate both of these jobs and they plus my occasional third job barely pay my bills. Just frustrating to go through this shit for poor paying assholes.

Fuck today.

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