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Zen as fuck, y'all

Yesterday was awesome!

I am on break between terms and I usually spend those days freaking out about how I'M NOT ENJOYING BREAK ENOUGH—MUST ENJOY MORE!


Not yesterday!

I made a list (ok, still doing the Type A thing a bit) of things to do and I realized they were all things I wanted to do.

I went for a run with a friend; we enjoyed breakfast and good convo after that. I played around on GT. I read, watched a scary movie, made a beautiful dinner. It was wonderful.

But the best moment of the day came after dinner. HomeyHeart cleaned up the kitchen, since I cooked. I got to go onto our screened in porch with one of our cats and a glass of water. I sat and watched the sun set while the breeze carried the scent of our neighbors' lilacs over to us. That was the most relaxed I've felt in... well, a long time. I was really present, feeling the breeze, smelling the lilacs, enjoying the scenery. It was a good reminder that I need to see moments of quiet for their own sake.


So, I wonder: How do you do that? Where do you find your zen? How do you recenter yourself?

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