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I've been talking about a Zombie Apocalypse lots on twitter because it's fun to think out. Join me here in imagining what you'd be doing in an apocalypse scenario!

I'd be in a small group of people probably, maybe not from day 1 but end up in one if I wasn't with a friend. I would want to team up with my best friend C because she is fast, good with a gun, loyal, and great at fixing cars. I would WIN in an apocalypse. I think I could be one of the last standing if it gets that far.


I've been a girl guide throughout childhood, lived in wilderness most my life so I know what plants are safe to eat and what helps heal wounds. I am strong and a pretty good fighter, have a high pain tolerance, 20/15 vision, and not scared easily. Bad-ass motherfucker.

I would want to wear Lara Croft's Tomb-raider reboot outfit, and have her weapons, but I'd probably wear a wind-breaker too. I still live near the wilderness so I'd get what I need and go. I would also be the protector of my 3 year old brother along with my best friend. I would do anything to keep him safe. So it would take me a while to trust people.

What do you think you'd be doing in an Zombie Apocalypse? What are your qualifications? SHOULD WE BE ALLIES?!?

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