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So I don’t know why this didn’t dawn on me earlier, but I was invited to this thing at Wade Oval tonight (East Blvd. by the Museum of Art), and apparantly it’s a thing! It’s called Wade Oval Wednesdays and has been happening since 2007! Tonight there will be a reggae band and it’s from 6-9pm and then they screen a movie (I won’t stay for the movie though, I gotta work!)! From what I understand there will be food vendors too, but you can byof! So yeah, come on down if you feel so inclined, because Jiffy will be there! I’m thinking I’ll arrive between 6 and 6:30 since I may just hop on the Healthline or Rapid so I don’t have to sweat parking. ^_^ I’ll be in a cute green skirt from Old Navy, a burnt orange tank and a grey cardigan.

Hopefully I’ll bump into someone!


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