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Zoo 2 Bookshot by Patterson and DiLallo oh God!!! Spoilers

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For those who read book one animals are at war with humans.

Book two war continues.

Jackson Oz is one of the leading experts on this war and was hero in book one.

Recall the song We Didn’t Start The Fire.

In the song Billy Joel has an incredible lyric filled section he has to sing breathlessly to get through.


This is the novel version of that song.

The novel has 37 chapters. Yes 37 chapters AND an epilogue. The novel is 140 pages long. I miscounted on first post.


Jackson Oz starts in Artic area with wife Chloe and son Eli then

Paris drops off Chloe and Eli

London for a meeting

Bali to find why animal attacks are not happening

Johannesburg to find feral human.

Note between Bali an Johannesburg book shifts to Paris with Chloe and Eli. They get picked up by extreme nvironmentalists and stupidly never goes into why they are environmentalists.


Idaho to drop off feral human Helen. Oz and gang are attacked by mustangs but one look at Helen and they flee.

Japan to find more feral humans.

Plane. japanese scientist turns feral. Why? No clue. Does it happen due to their body shifting or can it be transmitted from human to human. No idea.


Middle of Pacific.

Back to Idaho where Chloe and Eli show up next. Oh plus Helen escapes. Of course Chloe and Eli have to be in trouble again


Pearl Harbor for a phone call and trip to airport.

Salt Lake City Jackson Chloe, Eli together again.

Roadv to Vegas. Of course where else would you go to gamble on vaccin for feral humans.


Las Vegas of course where you find cure and city falls.

Deep undeeground with President.

I swear for most of novel they took a map and threw darts on the map.

Sloppy writing. I kept mentally screaming Balii was the answer but nope Patterson and cowriter forgot about it once they left. The book at start kept shifting to Paris then boom dropped. It was like they said “oh we cannot coversituation in Paris we will go over 140 pages.”


If you ask “what about character development”. Forget about It. Patterson doesn’t do that in his regular sized novels.

Seriously a bad novel. It was like they deliberately handicapped themselves for sake of 145 pages. Also an obssession to hit as many places as possible. Really it was not even 140 pages too much white space do to number of chapters. Start of each chapter started at least a third down. I also have no clu what turns folks feral.

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