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Zootopia is a freaking wonder.

Post will be spoiler-free, but no guarantee about the comments. I just want to rave about how amazing this movie was.

In two hours, Zootopia managed to talk about the following :

Any sort of ‘ism’ (specifically racism) is bad.

You can be racist even if you have friends of that race.

Racism can be deeply engraved ideas that you are not even aware of, but can still influence you.


It can be OK for people of the same gender /race/group to use certain words and phrases that aren’t OK when other people use them.

Correcting people when they use these phrases is OK and doesn’t make you aggressive or ruin your relationship with those people.


Being oppressed or marginalized doesn’t give you the right to oppress or marginalize others, not even the people who did it to you.

Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons is still wrong.

Illegal imprisonment ‘for the protection of society ‘ is wrong.

Touching hair that’s different than yours is wrong (they turned this one into a bit of a joke, but the message was there).


Turning against one group in society to unite the rest is very wrong and hurts everyone.

Alienating and ‘othering’ a group is very wrong.

And all this came in a funny, touching, wonderful movie with a kick ass soundtrack (half the theatre stayed through the credits just to hear the Shakira song).

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